The Art of Scribbling

March 9, 2018


Hi Artists! 

This week I have a fun and expressive way of making an abstract piece of art, that’s quick and easy! It is inspired by a conversation I had with a five year old girl recently. We were going to make an artwork together but she was hesitant and seemed as though she didn't have any confidence. I asked her what was wrong and she said that she couldn’t make art because she could only make ‘scribbles’. I explained to her that scribbles are a form of drawing, it is a way of mark making on paper and great way to start a drawing. She then set to work on a drawing that ended up being wonderfully expressive and detailed. I find that this is a reoccurring conversation I have with young children and that scribbling is looked down upon, having a negative effect on their confidence. This is interesting to me as it is the exact opposite!! Scribbling, or mark making, is a fundamental step in developing 

creative skills and is wonderfully expressive and experimental. The following experience will hopefully show that anyone can make an artwork using ‘scribbles’ and a few little tricks! 


What you will need


Oil pastels

Paint (optional) 

Scrap paper 




What to do

1. Draw

Get all your equipment ready and find a clear space to work. Out of the oil pastels, pick a colour scheme. I have chosen Reds, Blues and Purples. This helps to unify the artwork and stops it from getting confused. 

I had some spare shiny paper left from a previous artwork so I’m using that plus some paper from my art pad. 

scribble all over each of the papers with the different coloured oil pastels, sticking to one set of colours per page. You can really go for it here, the more scribbles the better! Then use a little bit of paint on top for a bit more colour (the paint is optional) Make sure that each piece of paper is quite different from the others and you cover the whole page in colour. 










2. Cut

When they are dry, draw up a square grid on the back of the papers then cut them out. Make sure that the squares are all roughly the same size. 










3. Stick

Now reassembled the bits of paper to make a grid or patchwork like effect, alternating the colours and varying the direction of line. Arrange them all first then,


using a glue stick, stick them down carefully. You will have some papers left over, make sure you save them for next time! 


This is a great experience for all ages!  I made mine together with my 16 month old son! He loved helping with the scribbles and paint and I cut them up and stuck them down. I love that we did it together and it has made a nice keepsake artwork for his bedroom!


But wait... there is more....


If you want to extend the experience, you could add a little drawing in each square or perhaps draw one large drawing over the whole artwork. 


See you next week

Remember..... keep on making!

Xxxx Kate.

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