A moment with Julia

March 1, 2018

Hi Artists!

This week I have an interview with a good friend of mine, Julia. She loves making art! I have also included some book recommendations to help you make art just


like Julia. I hope you enjoy it!



My friend Julia is a very keen artist! She makes drawings that are wonderfully detailed and creative. Her love of birds and nature is seen throughout her work and she practices drawing often. I thought I would ask her about why she likes to make art and why she chooses the subject matter that she does. I interviewed her on her 9th Birthday, and as we chatted about art, she was practicing her drawing techniques.

Kate: “Hi Julia! I’m going to ask you a few questions about art. What is your favourite way of making art? Painting? drawing? Collage?”

Julia: “I prefer scetching and drawing because painting is hard, I prefer drawing with a pencil and coulouring it in with oil pastel.”

Julia then commenced a drawing. She started by drawing what she saw out the window which was a large gum tree in her garden; she was making an observational drawing. I asked her what observational drawing was and she said it’s when you look at something and then draw it.

Kate: “What kinds of things do you like to draw?”
Julia: “Birds. Trees. Everything. Natural things.”

Kate: “Do you know about any famous artists?”
Julia: “Joseph Banks. He drew Captain Cook and plants and probably dolphins, turtles and sharks, Flora and fauna. I also know about Vincent Van Gough- his most famous painting was the yellow flowers - a still life.”
Kate: “Do you like his work?
Julia: “Yes. He chopped his ear off because he thought no one liked his paintings.”

Julia then stoped her observational drawing of the tree and started another one inspired by her 9th birthday card of a bird.


She then continued to chat...
Julia: “I also know about Leonardo Da Vinci- I like the Mona Lisa. Oh and Jeanie Baker!! - ‘how could I not say her!’ She does lots of beautiful collage about nature.”

Kate: “Do you know about any art techniques?”
Julia: “I’ve done some collage, which I like. I like clay. I’ve made a canopic jar, an octopus and a basket.”

Julia: “I’m an artist.”
Kate: “What make’s you an artist?”
Julia: “Everyone can be an artist.”
Kate: “How?”
Julia: “Just One drawing can make you an artist.”
Thanks Julia!!!

And don’t forget everyone to keep drawing!


Recommend reads for this week........




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